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I Traded in My Running Shoes for a Jump Rope!

I Traded in My Running Shoes for a Jump Rope!

skipping ropeI really don’t like to do cardiovascular exercise. I’m not the type of person that likes to run, walk, or ride bikes. I am a nurse. I’m on my feet all day and the thought of going out and running someplace at the end of the day makes me shudder. Also I have had bad run in with foot pain. I had to go out and buy special nursing shoes  to help with my foot pain (I’m a wuss). I don’t mind doing various exercises, but I always was at a loss when it came to cardio. I’ve been a fan of boxing for numerous years, but never paid attention to how much and how often boxers jump rope. When I finally started paying attention to their jumping rope, I realized how much they’re sweating and how fast they’re going well standing still. I figured that boxers have to make weight to be eligible to fight, and I wanted to see if this would help me lose weight. I decided to challenge myself and stop jogging and walking because I hate it, and start jumping up. I went over to my local sporting goods store and picked up what I consider to be a pretty good jump rope that didn’t cost more than five bucks.

The first thing I learned about jumping rope is that it takes coordination. The first day I started jumping rope was the worst day because my timing was so bad that I couldn’t stop jumping onto the rope. This constant starting and stopping really worked my nerves, but was necessary for me to learn how to jump rope properly. As I struggled I thought back to the boxers that I saw on TV and figured they too have to start somewhere. After one full day of frustration using this jump rope I called it quits until day two. I had set my goal to be jumping rope for at least 30 minutes a day. My game plan was to break it into two sessions of 15 minutes apiece to minimize the monotony. I also strapped on my MP3 player to help me keep moving at a decent pace. Day two turned out to be much better than day one. I was actually jumping rope which caused me to sweat profusely. I was sweating so much harder than when I walk or run, and in a shorter amount of time as well. After the second day, I realized I would be able to continue to jump rope in the morning and in the evening without much difficulty.

As the days pass by, my rope jumping was getting better and better, allowing me to keep my pace with less effort. Because of this I started using a sweatshirt while I jumped to increase the amount of sweating I was doing. The funny thing about jumping rope is that by the third song on my MP3 player is usually 15 minutes. And I feel like I’m just getting started at that time. Because of this I started jumping rope for more than the 30 minutes daily which was my original goal. I realized that it is much easier to jump rope and all I have to do is walk to my garage to get started. My joints also feel much better now that I am jumping rope because it’s a more intensity on my calf muscles and less on my knees.

My challenge was to see if I could lose as much weight using the jump rope as I did with running and walking. And the verdict is that I don’t know. I’m not gaining any weight, but in about a weeks time I haven’t been able to see any substantial losses in weight either. I do know one thing, I’d much rather jump rope than jog any day of the week. Plus I never am concerned with the weather because I always have the protection of my garage.